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Episodes: 8

Length: 60 min.

Grade Levels:
Adult Learning, Professional Development


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Science in Focus: Shedding Light on Science

This workshop uses light as a theme to explore topics in physics, chemistry, biology, space science, and Earth science. Light is a common thread through many areas of science and a natural topic for interdisciplinary science study. Make connections to real world phenomena and explore the behavior of light, the transformation of energy, and the role of light in the weather, the seasons, and the production of food by plants.

Episode Guide

1. Shine and Shadow Explores how light travels and how shadows are formed.

2. Laws of Light Investigates the absorption, reflection, and refraction of light.

3. Pigments, Paint, and Printing Investigates the effects of mixing colors of light and colors of pigment.

4. Color, Cones, and Corneas Looks at human vision and the perception of color.

5. Sunlight to Starch Examines green plants grown with and without light and discover how they use light energy to produce food in the process known as photosynthesis.

6. Energy and Ecosystems Investigates the flow of energy from plants to animals as through food webs and energy pyramids.

7. Sun and Seasons Examines how transformed energy heats the Earth unevenly, causing seasons.

8. Wind and Weather Looks at mechanisms that set the air in motion and cause weather.

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