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Episodes: 5

Length: 15 min.

Grade Levels:
10, 11, 12, Adult Learning, Professional Development


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Visualizing Cell Processes

Visualizing Cell Processes is a comprehensive program for teaching and studying fundamental cell processes at the high school/beginning college level. At the core of this program are 75 minutes of outstanding educational video utilizing clear animations and extraordinary microscope footage of living cells.

Episode Guide

1. Cells and Molecules Topics: A Variety of Cells, Cell Organization, Overview of Organic Molecules, Prokaryotic Cells, The Evolution of Eukaryotic Cells

2. Cell Movement and Transport Topics: Structure and Behavior of the Plasma Membrane, Osmosis, Transport Proteins, Phagocytosis, Pinocytosis, Receptor Mediated Endocytosis, Golgi Function, Lysosomes and Hydrolytic Digestion, Microtubules, Cilia, Actin, and Myosin Motor Proteins.

3. Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Cellular Respiration Topics: Glycolysis and Fermentation, Mitochondrion Structure, Aerobic Respiration, Krebs Cycle, Electron Transport Chain, ATP Synthesis.

4. DNA Replication, Mitosis and Cell Reproduction Topics: Chromosome Condensation, Mitosis Stages, Cytokinesis, Meiosis, Nucleotide Structure and Bonding, Replication Enzymes, Replicating the Strands, Topoisomerase and the Twisting Problem, Proofreading and Repair, Replication Review.

5. The Genetic Code and Its Translation Topics: The Protein Nature of Life, Protein Structure, Transcription, Translation and Protein Synthesis, Gene Regulation in Prokaryotes, Exons and Introns, Mutations, Renegade DNA—The Viruses.

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