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Episodes: 6

Length: 15 min.

Grade Levels:
Professional Development

Mathematics and Technology

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Teaching Math: A Video Library, 5-8

See real middle school teachers incorporating the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards into their lessons, while learning as much about teaching as their students do about math. The programs demonstrate how teachers guide and assess student understanding, and offer strategies for keeping students motivated and engaged at this critical age.

Episode Guide

1. Fraction Tracks — Using a board game, a fifth-grade class studies and practices fractions and equivalent fractions.  

2. Hexominoes — A fifth-grade class studies geometry by creating hexominoes, figures made up of six squares.

3. The Location — A sixth-grade teacher uses a secret location game to teach the class about statistics, connections and reasoning.

4. Building Viewpoints — Seventh-graders learn about spatial sense and geometry from a blueprint of ancient buildings. They then create their own three-dimensional models and draw them from different viewpoints.

5. The Largest Container — Seventh- and eighth-grade students work on geometry and measurement as they attempt to create the largest container from a single sheet of paper.

6. Building Rafts With Rods — Groups of students learn about patterns, functions and problem-solving as they calculate the surface area and volume of various-sized rafts, then graph their data.

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