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Series Info

Episodes: 9

Length: 10 min.

Grade Levels:
Professional Development

Language Arts and Literature

Into the Book: Behind the Lesson

A professional development companion to Into the Book, these programs feature Wisconsin teachers demonstrating effective use of learning strategies-using prior knowledge, making connections, questioning, visualizing, inferring, summarizing, evaluating, synthesizing-with students. Programs combine actual classroom footage with dialogue and teachers’ personal reflections on instructional practices.

The Teachers area of the Into the Book Web site provides additional information about the classrooms featured in each episode of Behind the Lesson as well as a discussion area, a Teacher Notebook for personal professional development reflections, and multiple downloadable resources including lesson plans.

Episode Guide

1. Prior Knowledge – A 4th grade bilingual class learns to activate and use their prior knowledge to read a picture book about immigration.  Teacher materials

2. Making Connections – First grade students make text to text, text to self and text to world connections to help them understand a picture book during read-aloud. Teacher materials

3. Questioning – A third grade class practices asking meaningful questions to understand a wordless picture book and articles from the Weekly Reader. Teacher materials

4. Visualizing – An inclusion class of third grade students learn how visualizing helps them understand during a read aloud from their basal reader. Teacher materials

5. Inferring – Third grade students learn how inferring can help them understand characters in a story and then practice their skills in self selected books. Teacher materials

6. Summarizing – Second grade students use a fictional story to practice identifying key elements of the story and understanding the author’s message. Teacher materials

7. Evaluating – A guided reading group of third grade students is introduced to the vocabulary used to make evaluations using articles from Time for Kids. Teacher materials

8. Synthesizing – A reading specialist helps third graders learn to synthesize information while reading informational text. Teacher materials

9. Strategies Together – Second grade students use all their strategies together to help them learn from non-fiction books and articles. Teacher materials

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